Pmu full practice kit - microblading, lips & eyeliner




  • A whole microblading kit for eyebrow, lip tattoo practice.
  • Lock-in pen design, easy to insert or take off the needles.
  • With synthetic skin-like material, the texture of practice skins are very close to human skin.
  • 100% natural, non-toxic pigment, safe and easy to color.
  • Several disposable pigment holders, sanitary and convenient to use.
  • Accurate metal eyebrow measurement ruler for creating perfect standard and exiquisite eyebrows.


Flat Practice Head

Comes with 2 sets of replaceable eyes and lips part, soft silicone rubber material, safe and no strange smell. Feels like human skin, smooth and soft. It is elastic but not easily deformed. It also can be reused, not easy to become dirty, and then rinse or wipe it with clean water after each practice.


4 Bottles of Pigments
Tattoo Practice Skin
Hand tool

Ring pots

cotton swabs

Measuring stickers

Mapping pencils

fake skin & model head

brow pigment, lip pigment & eyeliner pigment

blades & shaders